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Thread: Can`t afford a kit car so did the next best thing and started making YouTube videos

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    Can`t afford a kit car so did the next best thing and started making YouTube videos

    Always wanted a kitcar, Maybe a Cobra or and Dna Ferrari but because i live in London England . Parking is a premium and the house`s are very small. Hard to get a house with a drive way these days. So i did the next best thing and started a YouTube channel talking about retro stuff and then decided to talk about kits cars as well. The whole market is saturated with people talking about lambos and what not so i decided to talk about the little niche that is kit cars. So i met John Cox owner of Dax sports cars at the stoneleigh kit car show and got the ball rolling. Did a video of him with his Dax Daytona Coupe. Lovely guy, lovely company. I have been a member of this forum for many years and love reading the stories that you guys post and the idea you guys have . I would also like your help as well. If you guys could support me by Subscribing to my channel as i need over 100 subs to get my individual url for my your tube account that would mean alot . I am on 84 subs at the moment. In return i will be actively shooting more videos about what i love best which is the about the kitcar industry. The kit car industry does get a bad rep but i would like to readress this by showing people what the cars and the community is all about.
    Please feel free to ask me any questions and thanks for your support in advance. here are a few links to the videos i have already made.<br /><br />The Lazy Way To Learn

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    Subbed for a fellow Englishman

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    Quote Originally Posted by MunkyKing View Post
    Subbed for a fellow Englishman
    Thanks MunkyKing your a legend mate. What kitcar car are you currently driving?<br /><br />The Lazy Way To Learn

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    Support the brits 🙌🙌

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    Subscribed good luck with it will look forward to watching more kit car videos
    Building F430 replica based on Toyota Celica 190 T Sport using kit provided by SRC Kit Cars, all advice gratefully received

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    Quote Originally Posted by metro View Post
    Support the brits 🙌🙌
    Thank you Metro. I love kit cars like every member one the forum. So i want to share my love of kit cars with you guys. although i dont own one i will be showcasing bot manufactures and owners. This forum has been great for me over the years. Remember the massive threads that Extreme and DNA had when they where bringing out there respective cars. I would glaze over the screen looking at the updates of the respective companies. I miss those days. Sadly both companies are gone but their products will always be remembered.<br /><br />The Lazy Way To Learn

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeLooney View Post
    Subscribed good luck with it will look forward to watching more kit car videos
    Thankyou GeorgeLooney . Most appreciated buddy thanks for the support.<br /><br />The Lazy Way To Learn

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    Keep em rolling. Subscribed as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bangsters View Post
    Keep em rolling. Subscribed as well.
    Thank you Bangsters and every one else who has subscribed. I am just 11 subscribers short of the 100 sub milestone. If any one else can have it in theire hearts to help me out. It would be most appreciated And thank you to every one who watched the video :-)<br /><br />The Lazy Way To Learn

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    I’ve an Ariel Atom ‘kit’. It was a disassembled Ariel that was shipped to China.
    No dice selling them there, so a clever soul here in the US bought them and sold them as kits.
    I bought a complete kit without engine.
    Researched the hell out of my state laws and managed to register it after 8 month to and fro with the department of public safety (Ariel Atoms aren’t legal in my state, but because mine is a kit, with a kit vin from Protland Oregan, they found it difficult to stop me registering mine)

    I was going to build a Tribute 250, but the owner was ill when I contacted them. I started to look into building a DB5 from scratch but came across a very inexpensive early 911 which I’m restoring now.

    Have you thought about posting here:

    This is a UK based kit car forum.

    One of the companies building ‘Tribute’ kits would be an interesting video.

    Also DNA is not gone. Brian is still building cars. His Speedster looks amazing and is by far the best of the Boxster based speedsters as you might have guessed by his pedigree.
    Roland from DNA is doing Porsche kits for Boxsters that are cool. Another possible cool video.

    Best of luck.

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