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Thread: VW Bugatti type 35 help

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    Quote Originally Posted by G35Mike View Post
    I was able to click the links and see the picks just fine. Sorry I cant offer more help in the way of the car itself. Perhaps I can help doing a bit of research. What exactly are you looking to know. Do you have a list of questions I could run through and see what I can find out for you. Happy to help in any way I am able.
    I would just like to know who manufactured these and if parts are somewhat still available for them

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    ok I'll see what I can dig up. The man in the video sort of covers what the build work consisted of and where some of the parts may have been sourced from. Most of the parts seem to come from the VW beetle with only the frame being adjusted to look like and fit the Bugatti. But let me see what I can gather. Does your car have any brand marks anywhere on the body that might help identify the maker?
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