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Thread: New donor idea

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    New donor idea

    Since some kits in the UK use Jags for donors, i think this
    model would work well and its cheap. powerful, engine in the
    rear, what else could you wish for?

    oh, an extra house to sell in order to buy it ;D
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    Re:New donor idea

    im surprised at the high bid,those cars cost over $750,000.00 when they were new and you couldnt get one in the us.

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    Re:New donor idea

    : I just can't see the high price with that right headlight out of adjustment like that! ;D

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    Re:New donor idea

    i sat in one here in chatham ont.
    there is a clasic car restoration place who also sells rare cars
    some of his customers are nickalas cage and jay leno.
    the xj220 is Huuuuge! the tip of on mirror to the other is eight feet across! and the guy there said it would walk all over the purple diablo that they were fixing
    he said 0-60 time was 2.8 sec!
    if true thats fast! the diablo was burnt to a crisp in the back and they were fixing all the fire damage it was a sad sight to see!

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    Re:New donor idea

    The jag is nice. you can see the engine from the outside without liftiing the trunk lid because it is glass. As for beeting a diablo not the MOMO edition ;D. Brought up to 1200 hp but then brought down to 900 hp > They should have left it at the 1200 hp oh well just another $260,000.00 car that I will get (or die trying)

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    Re:New donor idea

    the 220 has a 6 cylinder engineers designed those cars in their spare time,the alum. chassis is glued together.

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    Re:New donor idea

    That really is a great car. There is one at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. If you are there you should check it out. I seem to have bad luck taking pictures of it though. The first time I had a cheap camera and they didn't come out. The last time my flash card lost all data before I copied them off it. Oh well. There is always next time.
    That car was originally designed for the V12, but they switched to the V6 because it is a better motor.
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    Re:New donor idea

    The headlight problem is on every xj220 made. do people just
    not notice it or something!? at that price they better fix it.

    also the v12 was an old motor and was apparently only good
    at guzzling gas :
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