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Thread: A few ?'s....and a few comments..

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    A few ?'s....and a few comments..

    I have been reading Kit Car mags off and on since I was in my early teens (I'm 33 now). Always dreamed of having a Lambo, but lacked the skills, and cash to even start a project like that. Now I believe I have aquired the skills to get this done and done RIGHT!!

    I have been working on cars since I was about 13-14 and the past 9 years have been building and racing Dirt Modified race cars (circle track) and worked in two machine shops building motors. Been to racing school and chassis schools, can do anything from welding, building tube chassis from scratch to building motors........but no body work experience

    My shop is 40x60 with a lift. I have all the tools you can think of (press, glass bead, stick and mig welders, torches, lathe, drill press...ect).

    Now the ?'s.......looking for Diablo Roadster!

    I know you heard this a thousand times, but since I know very little about body work, which kit mfg's have simply the best body lines that line up and fit very well? It doesn't have to be a perfect match to the real lambo, cause all the ones I seen on the net look darn good.

    I am near Youngstown ohio, so I was thinking of D&R since they are in PA, but the ADL, IFG, NAERC all look good when finished right. Any owners of these cars have any input?

    Like I said it doesn't have to be a perfect Lambo in exact proportions, but my main focus is body panel lines, fit and straightness are very important.

    I do want the interior, and the body and the way it sits on the suspension to be the best, but not a real lambo look-alike to fool a lambo expert is not my objective.

    I am planning on building my own frame, I seen some of the ones by pro builders and they are nice, but waayy out of hand on the price!! I can do all of that stuff and I'm an AFCO dealer so I'll get a break on all the suspension parts.

    I want to use a 4.3 out of a chevy Syclone or Typhoon, those trucks ran high 12's from the factory and weighed 3800lbs. With some more boost, I've seen some in the 11.90's.
    Trans is up in the air.

    I would like to start the frame before getting the kit, but I have no idea about wheel bases of the kits, widths or mid engine location, some of the builders want 2k for the plans, are they nuts?? And for the price of the kits IMO they should be alot nicer than what I've seen on the net when they are delivered. And the doors should all be pre-hung for this kinda cash.

    Sorry soo long, and thanks for any replies!!

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    Re:A few ?'s....and a few comments..


    you might want to try looking at that is a good info place for lambo's.


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    Re:A few ?'s....and a few comments..

    In my opinion the D&R is probably the easiest to assemble, if any lambo replica is considered easy.

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    Re:A few ?'s....and a few comments..

    Hi ...sounds like you have the perfect shop and skills for a run at a diablo .I will have Diablo roadster kits available very shortly with interior ,separate bumpers etc in the 6k range (CANADIAN FUNDS approx 4kUS )My only advice to offer at this point would not to under estimate the total cost outlay after purchasing a kit (just fiberglass ) your really only about 1/3 approx ..covered cost wize after you have the body ...good luck in your purchase ..john (Fiberglass Workshop)

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