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Thread: WTB F355 dash/console/doors

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    WTB F355 dash/console/doors

    I need a accurate interior kit. Please reply if you have any ideas.

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    Re:WTB F355 dash/console/doors

    The guy sells them for about $1500 if I rember right If you like them and the price I can post his e-mail, just let him know I told you about him, he seems to be a really nice guy, I should say though I haven't used them or installed them!
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    Re:WTB F355 dash/console/doors;threadid=877

    This link is back to the thread that went into great detail about the interior.

    Powerhouse also sells the same kit.

    This kit is about the best you are going to get for 355 interiors as it is very good quality.

    Both Scott at DVOV and Dan at Powrerhouse are good to deal with.

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    Re:WTB F355 dash/console/doors

    Yep... Depending on whether or not you are in the US or Canada (I'm in the US and Dan is in Canada) you should consider this in who you order from. Even though I am the distributor, Dan is local if you are in Canada so buying from his should save you some money.

    I have sold quite a few of these interiors to forum members both here and on Pennock's with great reviews. In fact, I just finished a custom version of the interior for an install into a Fiero (not a kit) that turned out really sweet. Yes, I'll have pics

    In fact, we video taped the install as a new Instructional Video for Fiero based installs. I'll be video taping another install in a 355 (Sactodreamer's car) here in a week or so when his car get's back from the Paint Shop. That'll be neat too. Full Carpet kit going in with that one

    I'll probably Video the install in the 355 Spider I'm building now to for WLC. That way I'll have all three variations of the kit applications taped.

    Anyway, it is the best thing you can install next to an OEM interior. The functional OEM style door release latches really set it apart too.

    There are some Install Pics "hidden" on a page on my website if you want to click through them...

    Just click the links that start with VCD and you'll see quite a few.

    The Retail on these kits are actually $1900 with a standing discount to Forum Members at $1700. The $1500 price he was referring to was a Group Buy Discount we ran for a purchase of 10 kits or more. Shipping in not included but is less than a $100 from coast to coast. Much less on the same coast.

    Let me know how I can help

    DKOV -

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