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Thread: Concept needs a name.

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    Concept needs a name.

    Well the concept car has gone through some changes. Major thanks to AUTOMX and his patience, skill and humour getting the cad files this far. the originall design was from a student in france and as you can see we have made some effective changes to it. So now my question is what shall we call it? something strong, aggressive and fast.

    It is designed to hopefully fit on NAERC's tube chassis.
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    Re:Concept needs a name.

    in case you guys need inspiration, heres some...

    Professional 3D, web, graphic, architectural, interior, and CAM design at affoardable prices.<br />Any questions: voicemail/fax (323)281-0583<br />sales @

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    Re:Concept needs a name.

    same as the new2005 ,F22 Raptor no other plane is as fast and aggressive .
    or Raptor MX.

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    Re:Concept needs a name.

    I'm sorry... did you say something? I didn't catch it... I was... uh...

    I'm sorry... do you say something?

    DKOV -

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    Re:Concept needs a name.

    I think he said something about a concept?

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    Re:Concept needs a name.

    How about " Vortex "

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    Re:Concept needs a name.

    How bout "blue bouncy bouncy"? Uhhh,,,,,,,need food,,,,,,,,eyes won't close,,,,,,,,,car?????

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    Re:Concept needs a name.

    isuzu has already used raptor on a concept car,what about WUNOV

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    Re:Concept needs a name.

    about ...Phantom GTR? Beefy bumpers would clog the sterring wheel.... ;D

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    Re:Concept needs a name.

    I am in Lowell, Indiana<br />Building an 88 Fiero GT with a 93 STS Northstar and 5 speed Getrag. <br />Custom Mr. Mikes interior, Norms fiberglass nose and custom paint.

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