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Thread: 355 side marker

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    355 side marker

    does this oval sidemarker look out of place or should i use a square light.which ever one i use im going to use im going to recess it,i just thought the oval one would kinda match the ft. turnsignal,now i dont think i like it.anybody have any ideas other than oem

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    Re:355 side marker

    I do not think the oval light looks bad at all. If you want a cheap alternative use a set of 1988 Hyundai excell lights. They look real close to the ferrari's and only cost $20.00 with wiring from a salvage yard it is the 8th photo down

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    Re:355 side marker

    Try this site for OEM light the same as Ferrari.

    This is a Fiat site.
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    Re:355 side marker


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