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Thread: Interesting new kit comeing.

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    Interesting new kit comeing.

    I came across this web sight today,so I can't tell you much about the kit,only that there working on it.

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    Re:Interesting new kit comeing.

    its nothing new. over a year and a half old on the site.
    hint: F50

    as far as i know, nothing has been done on this. it never got
    off or started :

    it's probably too risky anyway :-\
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    Re:Interesting new kit comeing.

    here is the original against the cool customs design... he loves his photoshop

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    Re:Interesting new kit comeing.

    More info on the car:

    From Fioravanti comes a Gran Turismo concept for the year 2000, dedicated to the Prancing Horse: the F100 salutes the centenary of Enzo Ferrari's birth.

    A compact, high-performance engine - such as a V 10 - for a vehicle with outer measurements which make it smaller, lighter and easier to drive than the huge supercars we have become accustomed to seeing in recent years.
    A semi-automatic gearbox and the F1-type paddle selector mounted behind the steering wheel were natural choices here, where the aim is to provide totally relaxed driving conditions, permitting concentration to focus on the unique pleasures of fast driving.

    The spontaneous hallmark of history: the outer skin bears one of the classic design themes associated with the Prancing Horse cars - the famous Ferrari "wave", that plastic, almost sculpted shape. Seen here as a clawmark, it starts at the nose, spreading and developing three-dimensionally around the whole of the car's perimeter.

    The search for lightness moved in two directions: structure and components. The engine air intakes, for example, have been lodged in the upper part of the roof panel, a location which takes advantage of the boxed roof structure as well as improving rear vision.

    As far as components are concerned, the front and rear neon light-clusters, for example, are styled with the classic Ferrari designs in mind, but are built to a unique, lighter, specification.

    The wheels were the subject of a special design project too. The Fergat company, European leader in steel wheel design and production, worked together with Fioravanti to match innovative design with cutting-edge technology.

    New steels and high resistance levels - with load limits of over 600 MPA -sophisticated design using computer-generated simulations, new deformity and assembly techniques, have all made it possible to conceive and engineer steel wheels of quite stunning beauty at greatly reduced weight. In addition, the forging requirements themselves lead engineers to a naturally more aerodynamic wheel..

    Cabin design hinges on a philosophy of relaxed driving, achieved here in particular by choice of the Ferrari F1 gear-selector and the two-pedal action -magical, gradual, equilibrium. The design of the dash develops from the two selector paddles behind the wheel and almost all the controls are located on the wheel itself.

    The support provided by the lower part of the seats maintains a relaxed muscle position all along the legs and, in the case of the driver, practically guides the feet onto the accelerator and brake pedals, almost like a F1 car.

    The speed of this kind of F1 gear-selector means the driver must view and collate cockpit information faster and more immediately and so traditional-type instrumentation is no longer suitable.
    It is replaced here by an innovative type of digital-analogue instrumentation with simple but highly effective graphics.

    Our thanks and appreciation go to Cecomp SPA for their collaboration in building the prototype and to CD Forniture - Fergat - Michelin - PPG - TRW Sabelt for components.

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    Re:Interesting new kit comeing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Powerhouse
    here is the original against the cool customs design... he loves his photoshop
    LMAO!!! How Funny!!
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    Re:Interesting new kit comeing.

    I like the photoshopped version better. It has some F50 elements mixed in. I would move the rear wheel a little bit forward.

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    Re:Interesting new kit comeing.

    I agree, if the rear wheels are little forward you can use just about any transaxle with any motor. The rear of the Audi's transaxles are big.
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    Re:Interesting new kit comeing.

    A general question on the builder of this F355 kit....It looks pretty good in the photo below...Is this a good kit to start with and how does it compare to the John Watson kit??


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    Re:Interesting new kit comeing.

    his name is ron larsen,he is a straightforward christian man,and he will do exactly what he promises to do.ron has a seperate company do his fiberglass work.ive never bought a kit from him,but i have bought some panels and they were first class.ive never seen one of rons cars assembled but i would say,just from my dealings with him that they are first class,ive seen several of johns cars,and they are super nice and very well engineered.i know for sure that john does all his own glass work.

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