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Thread: Somebody Please Make this kit

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    Somebody Please Make this kit

    There is a set of panels on eBay to mount onto a stock ferrari 308 to make it look like a 288GTO.

    Sounds like someone with fiberglassing skills might be able to start with these, adapt them to fiero, and offer it as a re-body for a fiero. If anybody does this, I will be your first customer (price permitting) ...

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    Re:Somebody Please Make this kit

    your right corson,that is a gorgeous car ,its also one of my dream cars,if i had the time and money id develop only problem is how would i pay my bills in the 3 months it would take to produce it,but you are right i believe a man could sell several of them.over the last couple of years ive had 7 or 8 people ask me if i knew where they could obtain a 288 kit.i believe they would be as popular as the 355

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    Re:Somebody Please Make this kit

    Alden Thomas used to build one on a non-stretch Fiero back quite a few years ago. I sent away and have the original brochure and photographs of the first Alden Thomas 288 GTO (before the Ferrari lawyers got to him). When our club met with the Chicago Kit Car club this last summer a guy there had one

    It's a really go looking kit but to "stubby" as usual. Now, if someone could find the molds and modify them for a Fiero stretch I would definitely buy one!

    I think it would be cool to have both GTO's!!!!

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