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Thread: is this powerful enough ??????

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    is this powerful enough ??????

    hi , i wanted to know if my toyota corolla or rsx can have enough power to pull my lambo replica? i mean to tow it around? thanks

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    Re:is this powerful enough ??????

    tow? if you just need to literally pull it like a trailer, few things
    wont be stront enough. you'll just go slow but who wants to
    race with valuable cargo? :P
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    Re:is this powerful enough ??????

    I think you're looking at the question from the wrong end! Towing a car on a trailer with a vehicle half its weight would scare me. The car would probably pull it along, not quickly mind you, but, your real problem would be in stopping it. The trailer, loaded with your prize, in going to PUSH you. Now, there are electric trailer brakes, but, think about it, road conditions change. There is a reason behind pulling a bulldozer with a truck, and it's not just pulling power,.... stability come to mind!
    my .02
    From personal experience, I was STUPID enough to think that I could pull my waterski boat down to the lake (1.5 miles) with an ATV. Well, it was ok until I started down this long hill. I was going slow but the boat/trailer wanted to accelerate. long story short, I made it, but, my shorts were BROWN!

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    Re:is this powerful enough ??????

    I would not attempt it. I am not even sure if the toyota's bumper or frame rails will even be strong enough to get the trailer and the lambo moving. just my .02 cents

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    Re:is this powerful enough ??????

    Barrow a full size truck or rent one....better safe than sorry.
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    Re:is this powerful enough ??????

    Starting or pulling you maybe ok, stopping is a different story. You hit the brakes and alot of weight goes forwardpushing down the rear of the tow vehicle, making the front wanting to lift up. A car is not a good tow vehicle at all even with lighter things like ski doo's. And your talking about a car trailer and a 2600 - 2800 lbs car. I don't think it would work even if the trailer has its own brakes, power or mech.!!!!
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