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Thread: Just wanted to say "Hi"...

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    Just wanted to say "Hi"...

    Hi, I was a member here a while back and found my way here again.
    I am also on
    I have taken a 1986 Fiero and built a Custom shaved WIDEBODY Fiero GT! I don't have many pic's because I lost over 1000 build pic's when my HD crashed..
    Just wanted to say hello!

    Custom Built W I D E BODY FieroGT!!
    <br />

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    Re:Just wanted to say "Hi"...

    Welcome back here, I have talked with you I think on PFF, nice to see a good helpful member back here!
    I am in Lowell, Indiana<br />Building an 88 Fiero GT with a 93 STS Northstar and 5 speed Getrag. <br />Custom Mr. Mikes interior, Norms fiberglass nose and custom paint.

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    Re:Just wanted to say "Hi"...

    Welcome back!!

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    Re:Just wanted to say "Hi"...

    Ahh!!! The person formerly known as Smooth GT, I may presume. Welcome back to our little hole in cyberspace. ;D
    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Re:Just wanted to say "Hi"...

    Thanks guy's!!
    Let me some pic's of your project's, etc....

    Yes, Formally SmoothGT! <--- The neverending
    Custom Built W I D E BODY FieroGT!!
    <br />

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    Re:Just wanted to say "Hi"...

    Welcome back,I always wondered how your car was comeing.
    The road to life is full of flat squirrels, who couldn't make up their mind!

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