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    Heres a link to the makers of this kit.<br />Toyota MR2 Turbo with BAD kit and Real Ferrari F355 wheels.

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    Are you sure that it's Paul's?

    I seen the same add, with the same pictures, from a Guy/Company in Ohio just about 2 months ago.

    Exactly the same pictures, etc.


    DKOV -

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    Okay, so now I notice the classified add is from Maryland. ???

    What's the deal? Who's car is it?

    I'd really like to know... um... cause... I really want one

    DKOV -

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    could be someone that just bought it.
    i find it hard to believe it's made off a real car.
    it's hard enough to even find the car, much less to get it for
    a bit of time..

    maybe this will give the wheel issue a bit of refference:
    Professional 3D, web, graphic, architectural, interior, and CAM design at affoardable prices.<br />Any questions: voicemail/fax (323)281-0583<br />sales @

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    Sorry to barge in but I don't find this GT1 sexy or particularly desirable for the steet...Granded. it's a great racing car and sounds great competing in the 24Hours of LeMans, but it doesn't look that appeling to me on the street...And talk about ZERO rear visibility..

    Besides the wheel arches look too big and there's a lot of space between the wheels and panels...And everyone knows you're driving a fake $1M car.

    Next please....

    Life is too short to be driving Hondas!

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    Well, I don't particularely like the wheel wells eithor. I do see a few other parts that need to be a little shorter/proportional to the rest of the car.

    BUT........... I SEE HUUUUUGE POTENTIAL!!!!!!! That car looks friggin AWSOME at certain angles, but it needs work in others. VERY NICE CAR if built in better proportion!

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