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Thread: 512 testarossa on e-bay

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    512 testarossa on e-bay

    Why would someone go through all the work to build this car and leave the back of the car looking the way it does? That would turn me off right away.
    I am still in the hunt for a body kit for any year testarossa that is an EXACT replica.
    Just had to vent on this shoddy body work. This isnt even a minor oversight.
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    Re:512 testarossa on e-bay

    I'm in no place to criticize but it could use a bit of work.

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    Re:512 testarossa on e-bay

    That looks like a pretty bad kit. :-\

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    Re:512 testarossa on e-bay

    thats a short car,they dont look right

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    Re:512 testarossa on e-bay

    This is the type of car (build) that give kit cars that bad undeserved reputation!!!!!!

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    Re:512 testarossa on e-bay

    Over all the car looks out of proportion,nice paint though.Here are a few things that are wrong with the kit (for the nubes out there).Any thing that I missed,feel free to add comments.

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    Re:512 testarossa on e-bay

    the roofline is wrong,thats what makes a tr look so cool,and the cars short ,and on and on

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    Re:512 testarossa on e-bay

    I do LIKE the wheels on this kit but it needs a lot of TLC...

    The worse part for me is under the engine cover....and the interior is a dead giveway.

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    Re:512 testarossa on e-bay

    it looks worse everytime i look at put the fiero panels back on it.

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    Re:512 testarossa on e-bay

    LOL mike thats a good one!

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