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Thread: New Guy (or) Here We Go Again

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    New Guy (or) Here We Go Again

    Howdy! Well as my wife would say, here we go again!
    Years ago I built Classic Roadsters 54 MGTD (Front eng. w/ chevette running gear) I enjoyed the project. A few years ago I decided it was time for another proj. sold my TD and resurrected a 1976 Baja boat from the junk yard. We've won awards and had some fun.....time for another project! As it turns out we're going to trade the Boat for my MG!
    It'll be here soon! So a new forum, a cleaned garage and Im ready to go! Looking foreward to this forum and some new friends!
    The plan is for new running gear, thinking a V6, better front and rear with disk B. new paint, trick interrior....Oh this is going to be fun!


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    Re:New Guy (or) Here We Go Again

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Re:New Guy (or) Here We Go Again

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new, or shall I say old project

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    Re:New Guy (or) Here We Go Again

    My sisters husband is restoring an MG.I've never seen one quite like it.It looks like an Alfaramaro and is a metalic salmon colored.Most of the engine parts were through the internet.
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    Re:New Guy (or) Here We Go Again

    Welcome to the forum Scott... I'm on one of those 'one-off' project's that will never end, So good luck!

    Custom Built W I D E BODY FieroGT!!
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    Re:New Guy (or) Here We Go Again

    Welcome Aboard Scott!

    We have a lot of interesting stuff to discuss on this site. Feel free to ask questions about anything that has a Fiero platform attached to it. There are mostly people who build 355, 328, and 308 Ferraris, All types of Lambo's, engine and suspension swaps, custom interiors. and custom Fiero’s.

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