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Thread: Ari have a question to share

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    Ari have a question to share

    I was just wondering if it would be possible or not to much work to have a build Photo Diaries section for the members?
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    Re:Ari have a question to share

    He does have a section devoted to build diaries. if you go to the kitcar links at the top of the page, there are a whole bunch of info there

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    Re:Ari have a question to share

    There are several links on the "Build Diarys" that don't seem to work anymore....Probably old links of abandoned projects..

    I do like the idea of having a more visible link for the "Projects in Progress" up front, instead of hidden with other items....Maybe it needs to be on the front page index along with General Chat, the Tech section and the Mall...Most visitors would like to see what kit projects people are working on...And we do have some talented people working on quality projects...That would also encourage others to post their project diarys.

    Just my .02 cents...

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    Re:Ari have a question to share

    I'll try to figure something out ; the issue with build diarys is they take a HUGE amount of bandwidth, as not all users have the technical know-how to compress images properly for the web. That's why I choose to go the via the link section instead.

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