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Thread: Watson Cookout?

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    Watson Cookout?

    When in May is the Watson cookout that Funnywheels is planning ? I assume it's not going to be 21-23 May because of Carlisle. I'll be there for sure. I'd like to come hangout at the BBQ also if possible to soak up some knowledge and a few brews. Probably drive my Fiero down. It's got a 355 interior but still waiting on the body.
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    Re:Watson Cookout?

    The 2nd Annual Air Dynamics BBQ is set for 15 May 2004, at John's shop in Tennga, Georgia.

    I will post a link to for people to let us know how many people will be showing up for the event. John needs to know this information in order to get cigars and beer. I think he is going to get some steaks as well.

    This is a drive in event. Any type of Fiero or custom car is welcome, no fire arms... Gambling and women are allowed but the women must smoke cigars and drink with the guys in order to attend

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    Re:Watson Cookout?

    Will there be any hands-on demo on John's project cars besides the food and cigars??

    For some of us it's a bit far to drive for just food (and women) but the hand-on experience will be priceless

    Maybe a carpooling with NY/NJ/CT/PA folks can be arranged..

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