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Thread: wooden F-50

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    wooden F-50

    has anybody seen this.


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    Re:wooden F-50

    Thanks for sharing the link...

    Obviously this guy has too much time on his hands

    Besides that he is "is one of the world's finest wood sculptors"....If you can do this out of wood, why not built your own creation to drive around in...

    The replica looks scaled down a bit from the original...unless he's a giant of a man..


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    Re:wooden F-50

    Probally scaled down to fit on a small boat chassis or to fit thru the smallest canals in venice

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    Re:wooden F-50

    i think this has been posted on this forum about 8 times now

    its not scaled down, its 100% to scale. it floats because it's
    wood. the seats obviously dont recline so he looks too big for
    it. the man is rich and lives in italy, if he wanted a ferrari he
    would own many by now and its possible he does. ferrari did
    love his work.
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    Re:wooden F-50

    Quote Originally Posted by AutoMX
    i think this has been posted on this forum about 8 times now
    In the O/T Forum.

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