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Thread: need help

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    need help

    hey everyone, i keep an eye on this site, and noticed that everyone is really helpful. I have decided to ask if anyone on this site lives near Vancouver British Columbia Canada. i have a ferrari 355 kit, i need to be finished off. obviously this person will get paid. the last person i paid had done a really rough job which was no good, as i went to the autobody to get it ready for paint, and they said they wont even touch it beacuse of the condition. so if anyone lives near me, can come help do this project or even if u want to drive down here from the US i will pay for the hotel and etc...pls if anyone has any ideas pls reply back to this thread

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    Re:need help

    There is a place in Richmond (Or was it Victoria? Who knows...) which builds Diablos.. Reinhold motors or something along those lines. I've been digging around for the link but can't find it. Hopefully someone else can chime in with it.

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    Re:need help

    Hello 355crazy

    I'm NOT in a position to help you finish your project 355 (sorry :-[) but maybe someone else will be...I think more information and photos are needed before anyone can undertake this project....

    a) How much work is needed to finish the build??
    b) What kind of work needed to complete the project?? (bodywork, mechanical, electrical etc)
    c) How much are you willing to pay someone to finish the job??

    Your best bet is to find someone locally who can work on your car part-time, after work or maybe on weekends...Preferably a good bodyshop guy or mechanic willing to earn some extra money on the side by working on your project on weekends...I really doubt any of the experienced kit builders in this forum has any free time to do this...Most of us have barely enough time to work on our own projects....

    Best of luck on your project 355

    Life is too short to be driving Hondas!

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    Re:need help

    355crazy. I live on upper Vancouver Island.... Were do you live? Like VK said... what is the condistion of your Felix

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    Re:need help

    I have a guy that works for me that is from Canada" he one of you guys" He has a brother that is two years younger that just finished Wyotech about 4 months ago. My guy is asking just what is needed to be finished, post some pictures, and give some detail and we maybe able to help down here.
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