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Thread: Looking at kits.

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    Looking at kits.

    I was looking at some kits and two stuck out. For the total package and what you get. And at what I think looks like a nice kit. Along with what people have said about them. They are D & R Replicars & IFG Replicas.
    Now I know price dose not determen to me the deal of the kit. Ive seen to many people go for the cost and get a pice of crap. So I am looking for a nice kit, not a pice of junk so i am asking you what kit is better, and why.
    IFG Python VT 2000 kit - $9,000.00
    D&R Python VT 2000 kit - $12,000.00
    reading the Kit Components it dosnt seem to be missing much diffrent - however I will admit I didnt go over it with a fine comb.
    My goal is to buy or build a custom tubular frame chassis.
    Other + i found in my book, is that IFG is in the same state that I am, so i can go pick it up w/ my truck and trailor.

    So who makes the better kit?

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    Re:Looking at kits.

    ?? You might want to check out NAERC as well.

    At the end of the day you may well discover that the kits come in very close dollar wise. These 3 compete for every single client, if there was more than a few $ in the end of day price you would see a big shift.

    Go to and go through the exceptional service portion of the forum.


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    Re:Looking at kits.

    Maybe it's just my bias opinion, but I would not go through IFG. I bought their Countach kit and they didn't send me all my parts. I called and called and when I finally was able to get ahold of him, He said he'd send it out immediately, and a couple weeks later, I would get SOME more parts, but not all. It took a little under a year to get everything and dozens of calls. (He won't call back no matter what they say) Also, the quality of the kit was terrible. Not only was there a lot of warpage, but nothing had any symetry to it. Maybe the Diablo will be different, but just customer service alone, I'd say don't go with them.

    I'm not sure about D&R.

    Check this Consumer alerts page. It's very helpful.

    Good Luck

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    Re:Looking at kits.

    As I keep looking around more and more, I see that I will not be looking at IFG any more.
    I am looking still at D&R ive heard nothing but good things from them. And NAERC ive heard nothing but great things from them.

    Now I did find a new one today: he says they are built on the NAERC molds from the same people they buy them from. Its not as a full kit as I would like it to be, however I dont mind some shopping I guess. Have you guys seen his cars?

    Also kinda funny, the photos are diffrent but the same backdrop of NAERC cars. any ideas?

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    Re:Looking at kits.

    as far as i remember he's using other people's photos with
    permission but is said to do good work himself.
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    Re:Looking at kits.

    Rehberg, as far as I remember, uses NAERC molds now and is a builder for them out in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. He used to be the Canadaian rep for IFG when I had gone to the IFG shops in Chino Cal. a few years ago but he has changed to NAERC now. I have heard really good things about him.

    NAERC is out in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada. If you are in Canada bobme, then you are better to go for one of these guys to supply you so you remove over th eborder stuff and duties.

    Janice_ho has an NAERC Diablo kit and is doing a phenominal job on it so he has been happy with that kit overall. I have not heard any problems with them.

    Good Luck.
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    Re:Looking at kits.

    Nope, I live in USA - CA 8)
    However, His kits are 8,000 cheeper, and last I checked trucks where still around.
    Anyway, ill keep looking.
    Thanks guys.

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    Re:Looking at kits.

    I can't speak for NAERC's product, but if you want the best lambo kit in the US you need to just call rick at D&R and deal with them. I own one and will be building more in the future. The glass work is second to none,and the fit is the best you will find. If nothing else don't listen to the manufacturers but the customers who build them.

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