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Thread: Everyones Kit Car

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    Everyones Kit Car

    I haven't been on this forum very long but from what I can see there is only a few posts of everyones different kit cars. I know everyone likes to talk abotu them and help each other out, so I was thinking, we need to get a post going with complete/uncompleted kit cars that people have made so they can show off their ride.

    Maybe this will become a sticky, doubt it, but hopefully it can.

    Post your pictures of your finsihed/unfinished kit car and info about it, everyone wants to see.

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    Re:Everyones Kit Car

    heres one of mine,i started on another one today

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    Re:Everyones Kit Car

    Well her is mine

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    Re:Everyones Kit Car

    [img width=640 height=480][/img]

    Just got my car last weekend . i need to take out the "fake" side windows , i tore out all the interior , need to fix side mirriors , tore out lexan back window and replace with glass. Side intake details need to be redone . replace dash and door panels with firebird ones. etc . etc. looking for options to give more power , (engine replacement ) stock v6 2.8 . 85 fiero SE . any suggestions on anything would help , interior , exterior , engine .

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    Re:Everyones Kit Car

    side view

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    Re:Everyones Kit Car

    hello mike .. are you going to add the side grills ? if you have them ,what are they made out of . i need to totally redo mine .

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    Re:Everyones Kit Car

    Here my project as well

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    Re:Everyones Kit Car

    The Bull and Kitcarnut

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    Re:Everyones Kit Car

    here's mine....

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    Re:Everyones Kit Car

    bsculptor,ive made patterns out of plywood,im going to make the strakes out of aluminium ,ill keep you posted

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