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Thread: K&N filters

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    K&N filters

    Do k&n filters really give any kind of a performance boost to the stock 2.8s?

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    Re: K&N filters

    I read on a diffrent web sight that those types of filters do not increase horse power,the vehicle was placed on a dyno for testing.There is some improvement with replaceing the stock exhaust or Cat(a free flowing cat) and if you want to go to the trouble some of the early vehicles had weld splatters on the inside of the exhaust maniforld (near the conection point) and should be smoothed out(a larger exhaust manifold might improve thing).If your looking for horse power you might consider replaceing the holley throttle body to a larger one (you Might be able to get one at the wrecking yard from a vehicle that uses the same type of motor)
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    Re: K&N filters

    YES! They do work! See the new thread I started about Cheep Horsepower upgrades for ALL motors.

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    Re: K&N filters

    I put a K&N filter in my 99F250...I didn't notice and more power however I did notice better throttle responce.
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    Re: K&N filters

    The ultimate cheep horsepower upgrade:

    Equipment Needed : 4 ea 5000 lb cargo straps

    1 ea Surplus NASA Shuttle SRB
    Misc 2X4 Lumber (or Angle Steel)

    Installation: Place Engine On roofPut on a pad so as not to scratch the paint) Blance is critical, ensure Venturi is level, or pointed slightly down.

    Once positioned, Strap in place.

    Have a friend light the Fuse.

    Hang on! Lol

    Caution, this may not be a street legal modification) Check your local smog, and backblast laws!

    Just thought you guys would get a kick out of that, I couldn't resist!

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