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Thread: VW chassis

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    VW chassis

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    Does anyone have, do, know of or heard of a supplier of VW chassis. I am looking for a constant, regular supplier of the old VW chassis (pan). That is the whole chassis as a rolling unit less engine not just the reproduction floor pan.
    Located in western Canada would be a bonus.
    Any help or hints appreciated.

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    Re:VW chassis

    Not might be on the wrong forum.This is a Feiro based kit car forum.

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    Re:VW chassis

    Just as BondoBob says,most are Fiero based kits.But if thats what you looking for try the phone book or Internet,I know that there are quite a few,Bug shops (in the U.S.) that make custome frames for desert raceing.It shouldn't be too much trouble to have them make a custome frame for your kit, if thats what your looking for...
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