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    What do you think about IFG's pre-assembled pre-painted complete roadster kit for 11,000.00? Everything except pre-put onto your fiero ;D

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    Oh no... Those three little letters... IFG! >

    I haven't heard anything about the kit itself, but I also wouldn't trust IFG to take the time to assemble with the quality that most of us would do ourself. I could be wrong, but I'm not a fan of IFG. They don't have the quality or customer service skills that others would have. But hey. I may be wrong.

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    I have a two letter word for you, D&R. If you want a quality kit that will have the best fit and finish, that is the way to go. I should know, I have one.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

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    I saw one of their pre-assembled kits last year. It did look nice
    and the fit and finish was done pretty well. BUT, what happens when it comes time to mount the body to the chassis? When you have to fab the roll bar and windsheild frame. When you are welding something and a spark hits that new paint. We all know the great workers at IFG "whatever"
    know what great work looks like. Because we only hear good things about them right? They don't think body lines and gaps should all be the same. 3/16".... the deck lids are tight in spots and huge gaps in others. With all of their knowledge >
    they know if they offer a kit that is pre-painted and half way looking as though it is even possible to complete they have
    a chance of selling more of their #$%&. Over 75% of their kits
    they sale to first time kit car builders are never completed. So they end up on Ebay when the guys wife says sale it or I'll burn it!!! But to the very smart people at IFG they know that
    if it looks nice and kind of complete when they sale it to you
    for almost $5,000 more than boxes of parts it'll always look
    good in your garage collecting dust. Maybe I'm totally wrong,
    but I've learned a thing or two over the years with company's like them. I think we all have!

    Just smart enough to be very Dangerous

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    8)Amen Brotha! 8)
    I don't see the point of having a nice paint job on something that will more than likely, need to be "hacked" on anyway. I'm sure they took the time to take out all the little imperfections before painting...........NOT!

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    the pre-paint thing seems totally unrealistic too me you even have a chance of some how not scratching the hell out of it during the numerous times you have to take the body off and on ...makes me wonder if they have even built one themselves

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    i dont even wanna imagine the shipping hassles :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnjs
    ...makes me wonder if they have even built one themselves
    I asked the same question AFTER watching their Countach building instructions video. ??? You'd say the same thing if you saw "Bubba and Farmer Bob's How to Build a Coontash Video"

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    I dont chime in very often...but IFG brings up alot of memories...bad ones...listen to these guys and stay clear...even if it was a would be unhappy.
    How Ray (owner) is able to show completed cars that are of decent quality amazes me!! I bet he sends them out to the body/electrical/paint/detailer/upohlstery and more and spends mega bucks(20K) to show a car that he can fool the next 20 buyers with. Unless you have unlimited patients,money,tools and especially time(YEARS) then head the advice.
    See.. alot of us here have already made that mistake..and becuase of the money we have invested (and dont want to loose) we push forward to complete the cars...
    IFG 25th. Countach Owner

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    Sorry im a little outa it iv been here more then a year and still dont know the differences between kits the IFG kit has the full dor and not sepreate rocker panel correct? where is this kit made?

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