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Thread: WHY NOT ???

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    WHY NOT ???

    Does anyone know if this design was ever made in kit form and if so where ???
    If it has not been made as a kit why not ???

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    Re:WHY NOT ???

    That's cool! It's like a rear engined viper.

    I've never seen that kit, but I'd love to see that made.

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    Re:WHY NOT ???

    OEM parts would be readily available tho not cheap.
    from the side it does look very fun and wild, but dunno about
    the front and overall look.
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    Re:WHY NOT ???

    More pics, please. ;D
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    Re:WHY NOT ???

    No, that car was never built... That is a design by Jim Davis, aka AusFiero on the Pennocks Forum. He has a lot of 'rebody' designs that he has created in Photoshop but never done a complete car yet. He has however produced and sold the Stage II and Stage III side scoops for Fieros. His website is listed on the picture. Just go to the image gallery and look around.; &nbsp; &nbsp;; &nbsp; &nbsp; [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    Re:WHY NOT ???

    If he ever wants to contract someone to build it for him... I'd do it! That design is awesome!

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    Re:WHY NOT ???

    He is actually trying to sell his fiberglass business. As mentioned, he has the very popular Stage II and Stage III side scoops for the Fiero. He has had some health problems and other things going on that make it too hard for him to continue, plus since he is in Australia it is hard for him to get good shipping prices over here. If you are really interested in his designs and might be interested in making and selling some popular Fiero parts as well, give him an e-mail at I almost added his inventory to my imported parts but changed direction on where I was going. There are a couple of other interested parties talking to him but I am sure he will look at all options...; &nbsp; &nbsp;; &nbsp; &nbsp; [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    Re: WHY NOT ???

    I contacted Jim personally and he said he would just like some recognition if I were to build this Kit. My old shop has a 3D foam cutter and I would like to get clean art for this to make a life size model. How hard would it be for somebody like AutoMX to manipulate the Viper RT-10 dimensions? The viper wheelbase is the same as the 355(96.5") and the track width is identical at 59.6".

    Any of us building an accurate 355 chassis could do the same for this chassis. AutoMX, check out how the stock front and rear viper bumpers are untouched, the backside of the door and rear wheel well are stretched, while the front door/fender are given a cab-forward design.

    The windshield looks like it could double as an F50 kit shield too. Is this do-able? I have the patience, funds, and skill to construct a life size model, just have very limited computer knowledge. Any takers or is it not feasible? Please let me know.

    Bob Roward
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    Re: WHY NOT ???

    Getting a scaled sculpture scanned for the CAD data would be an alternative. I'll email you about that option.


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    Re: WHY NOT ???

    Just a warning about scanning in models:
    a. the equipment is very expensive, software too, and rental is also terrible in pricing
    b. all model need to be modified and tweaked afterwards
    c. this is never done with cars, but rather with movie characters. many studios scan in clay models, such as the dinos for discovery's Walking with Dinosaurs

    the problem with the pen-type scanners is that the computer takes dots and connects them by guessing. usually, many of the edges need to be manually added in and corrected. laser scanners get very rough models that need to be fixed up alot (i have a few models of laser scanned people if needed)

    lastly, why bother scanning in scale models? making accurate 1/4 size (or less) models is very hard, and you might was well make a full size one then. if you were thinking of scanning in 1/18 toy models, well....lets just say it will be fun lifting a 3" thick hood and turning a 4" thick steering wheel* ;D not to mention that the models are only authorized by the makers, and that the toys are designed in japan or korea from blueprints and images. it's not as if CAD is used :
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