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    Does anyone know where DKOV is. Is he away .I am not getting any response on the status of stuff I bought from him.This has been going on for three weeks now.Thanks

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    He's been having baaaad computer problems for a couple of weeks. He lost everything due to a virus.

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    Plus I think he's been VERY busy.

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    Same answer as same post in other thread... Just in case anyone missed it...      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    I posted in the other thread... Virus attack, travel, travel again, travel some more.... here I am, but only today. Gone again tomorrow, still trying to recover lost data....

    Check your emails

    DKOV -

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    If the email looks funny, don't open it even if it is from DKOV. Attachments carry the virus to you. get the latest upgrade for your system. I got knocked out last Friday as well. I did have back up of everything. Got it up and running in about 8 hours with the help of Microsoft, mostly waiting on the HOLD line. The guy who actually helpped me get things going again only took 30 minutes to get it done.


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