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Thread: a little off topic-- but

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    a little off topic-- but

    not for the faint of heart...

    make me real happy to have a "fake"
    anyone know where to sell a bodypart?

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    Re: a little off topic-- but

    Man I'm shocked not to see mine stuck in there somewhere.. People from all over St Louis came to see the Ferrari in the tree!! LOL the Not so funny factoid about that main page picture is.. I bet that punk kid is the one that caused the accident while flying around on his dang blasted lil get jammed in my yukon gt's deer killer guard, gas powered, Im a free way god, no regards for laws, Kiddie Scooter!! Arg.. dont you just hate them?! And yes thank god ours are kits when it comes down to this.. Ahh sigh.

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    Re:a little off topic-- but

    Amazing! I,m sure some folks perished

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    Re:a little off topic-- but

    they had too you saw that 360 that had the entire back clip melted off thats not something your likely to walk away from man i wonder how that happened i hope he wasent just driving along and it exploded like the cars do in grand theft auto lol
    There may be many kit men but there is only one KitMan except no subustutions

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