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Thread: Hi everyone "Newbie" here....

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    Hi everyone "Newbie" here....

    As it says, I am new here(at least as a registered member), I have been lurking in the shadows for quite a while ;D .
    I have been building a 308 rebody for the last year and a half, and thought I would see what you all think. I will say up front that I am not trying to make an exact replica of a 308.
    I am building a car the way I want it to be. I have always loved the 308 since back when I watched Magnum PI. Then Ponitac dealers started doing the Mera, but being in the military, I couldn't afford one back then. Sooo, I set out to build my own. I know how you all like pictures, so here are some for you to look at.
    This is what it looks like in its current stage.

    These are pictures of the interior, it is a 2K Firebird interior, with a custom center console.

    If you are interested in seeing more pictures (56K Warning) of this car and its build up, check out this link
    I am currently trying to get the car ready to paint by Memorial Day weekend, so I can take it to WheatStock in June.
    Thanks for looking....

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    Re:Hi everyone "Newbie" here....

    Welcome to the group. That 308 looks sweet. I can't wait to see it fully painted.

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    Re:Hi everyone "Newbie" here....

    i like it,the int. looks real good

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    Re:Hi everyone "Newbie" here....

    Unless you are parked next to an actual 308 and start taking measurements to compare the two, yours looks really accurate! Excellent work on the interior too!! It is awesome to see cars that are almost completed. Good Job Dude!!

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    Re:Hi everyone "Newbie" here....

    Hey Wholf! Welcome over here to this forum! 'Bout time you signed up over here!

    The car is looking good! As many times as I have looked at your website I had never noticed the tailpipes before...      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    Re:Hi everyone "Newbie" here....

    Thinks for the compliments everyone...

    Songman: A few people told me about this site, and how I should sign up over here. There does seem to be a lot of other PFF members here postining also

    Superstang460: The accuracy is fixing to drop... I evaluated the effects of the rear grill work on my engine if I ever got caught in a rain storm. Well, it just would not be good IMO. The water would be all over my pulleys and electrical system.
    To remedy that, I have spent the last two weeks fabricating my own design for the rear deck lid. When I get home this evening I will post the build up, and then see what everyones reaction to it is.

    GerardT: Hopefully by the first part of June... ;D

    Thanks again guys...


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    Re:Hi everyone "Newbie" here....


    Welcome to the forum. I love the interior you used on your car. Nice job on the Mera replica too.

    Is it going to be Ferrari red to tie in with the hot looking interior colors?

    Very nice, my complements to you,


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    Re:Hi everyone "Newbie" here....

    Welcome to the forum,nice job!You went all out.I remember my first kit,I had an 84 Fiero SE, money was tight but I wanted a car that looked like a 308,this was in the early days when kit cars were just begining to become popular (I remember Magnum too).So I turned my SE into a fast back,then I went to the plumbing shop and baught some large black plastic pipe,I then cut the pipe at an angle.I cut vents in the doors and inserted the cut tubeing.Then I put some vents behind the headlight doors,instant 308.Most of the girls thought it was a Ferrari and some of the guys thought it was a Ferrari.I had so much fun driveing that car.I ended up selling it because some girl slamed on her brakes on the freway and I dented the front end of my car real good.She'll think twice befor doing that again, because her car spun out and ended up in the emergency lane of the freway (she's fine).
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    Re:Hi everyone "Newbie" here....


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    Re:Hi everyone "Newbie" here....

    Hey Harold, welcome... Now I can drool over your car here too.

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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