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Thread: 25th Ann. Countach Replica

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    25th Ann. Countach Replica

    I was wondering who everyone thought the best company might be for a 25th Ann. Countach. I have always loved the Countach and think I might try one. So who has the best kit out there using and 88 Fiero Formula? I love the one shown here

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    Re:25th Ann. Countach Replica

    I don't know of anyone out there right now making the 25th as a bolt together kit. IFG has one, but do your research.
    If you want a 5000 instead, check out Euroworks, they are the best right now.
    I bought my 25th from a company that went under 2 weeks after I picked it up. I then had to put 10 gallons of body filler and 10 yards of glass into it to make it look somewhat like a 25th.


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    Re:25th Ann. Countach Replica


    We manufacture them.
    Kits or Turnkey or in between.
    Thank You


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    Re:25th Ann. Countach Replica

    My first choice for a 25th would be Robert at Exotic Glass
    But unfortunately he is looking for a new kit Supplier.

    An equally reputable second choice would be Demetrios (The Crazy Greek) at Exotic Illusions
    The Needles Dance, The Gauges Glow,
    As Engine Speed & Heartbeat Grow,
    Gears They Shift 'Neath Anxious Thumbs,
    Formerly: Powerhouse

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