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Thread: Building in Hawaii

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    Building in Hawaii

    >Does anyone have any information on how to registar a kit in hawaii???? The d.o.t . director told me that there are no kit cars on the road now or will there ever be one, even if the car is built to there specs. and standards about 42 pages. Any ideas??????????????????????????

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    Re: Building in Hawaii

    No help from me on this one Wags; Hang in there though,,,,someone has to be the first! Imagine,,,,,you could be the one and only kit in the entire state!!!!!!!! Maybe they just need someone to prove what a good idea building kits really is? :-/

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    Re: Building in Hawaii

    Who is the Congress man for your district? Maybe he is a car nut like us.

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    Re: Building in Hawaii

    Check with the cobra owners .. here HAS to be some Cobras on the island. Do a quick search on google or check with Factory Five.
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    Re: Building in Hawaii

    Like the guy's said keep checking theere has to be one there.
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    Re:Building in Hawaii

    When I was in Honolulu years back, I saw a white non-stretched Countach kit on a Fiero. So I know it's possible.
    Hope to own a Countach or Diablo kit one day.

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    Re:Building in Hawaii

    I agree with the above. When I was stationed there in the mid 80's I know there were a couple of Ferarri kits as backups for the Magnum P.I. show. Keep Hunting, and good luck.
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