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Thread: A Model A Ford Beat Me!

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    A Model A Ford Beat Me!

    I was in a car show on the 15th and a Model A beat me.
    It figures, it was more of a classic car show. I did get second.
    The rice burners took me in like a brother, that was nice and they were so very funny.

    Only two people out of the whole show asked if she was real or a kit, but I kept the rear decklid down.
    I did open the rear lid when anyone would ask. One of the ricers looked at my engine and asked "why did you put a chevy motor in your Ferrari", lol. Someone else said, now thats what a motor is supposed to look like.

    All in all I had fun ;D

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    Re:A Model A Ford Beat Me!

    I thought you were going to say that a stock Model A beat you in a race. I came in to laugh and point fingers! ;D

    I think second place is NO SAD STORY. Great Job! Congrats!!! Especially in a classics car show... You probably got second because you swapped a Chevy engine for the "stock ferrari" engine.

    I'm really glad you weren't beat in a race... that would be worth laughing about. My Dad has a couple Model A's... stock, so I know the "power" they have.



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