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Thread: Mclaren F1

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    Mclaren F1

    i have built 2 kits and have been party to 3 others, i have my opinions about the kit industry, but being new to this board, i want to ask for evryones input.

    i have been exploring the possibilities of splashing a mclaren.

    what do you think, want one?
    how much would you spend?

    i have looked at all sides of the build process, i want to be sure to be the best man in the industry for the customers.

    also, what sort of legal problems do you think i need to watch for?

    ask me any questions you have regarding chassis and build ect.

    anyone know where to sell a bodypart?

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    Re: Mclaren F1

    I believe there is interested in an F1 kit.
    I don't know what I or anyone would spend but I would think it would be in line with the Diablo kits.
    I don't know how bad McLaren in regards to legal issues, but I don't think I would dare to take the risk.
    There is a replica of the F1 in the works now.
    Rick Lord<br /><br />

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    Re: Mclaren F1

    I think the mclaren kits would have an appeal around the 40-65 k range, assuming the kits are built with good similarity to the exact car. What donor car are you thinking of using?

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    Re: Mclaren F1

    i was planning on usiing the bmw v12 on a custom chassis, have found some to make it for about $8-9k with suspension and brakes.
    anyone know where to sell a bodypart?

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    Re: Mclaren F1

    hello all,
    i am very new to the buisness of building exotic replicas.i am currently interning with a local builder. i am working on one of my three dream cars the lambo roadster.god willing when i finish i would love to either buy or fabricate a mclaren f-1.i still have four years to go until i graduate and become a pharmasist,but even when i do i cant justify working 10 years to buy a car.does anyone know of a company that is currently offering this wonderful automobile in a builders kit form.i thought i found a company called ddr motorsports,but when i tried to email them it was sent back.i hope the boys at mclaren didnt put the kabos on their project.i very new at navigating this web site,but if anyone has any info please email me at

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    Re: Mclaren F1

    well let's take a look at the legal aspect to this tag mclaren holdings legal team is backed by over 30 billion dollars so I dont think you would want to do a copy or talk about doing one I know from dealing with them in the past on my mc12 but my new mc14 is no where near there car anymore so I am out of the legal eye with them .but if you deside to do one keep it on the down low or they will come .hope this help's

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    Re: Mclaren F1

    Hi all,

    Is there a better link to that mclaren f1, cuz the one posted no worky for me....please....
    Me, I sell engines, the cars are free.&nbsp; I need something to crate the engines in.... Enzo Ferrari......<br />Today they are called garage&#039;s, yesterday, they were stable&#039;s.&nbsp; Eric Jacobsen...

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    Re: Mclaren F1

    the link is gone that was my webpage
    now it is on the link under my posts

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    Re: Mclaren F1

    Well its december so is the car going to appreer in Ebay?
    So whats wrong with a replica?

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    Re: Mclaren F1

    the car is sold but the body kit will be on ebay

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