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Thread: First Project Ever

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    First Project Ever


    I'm new to this forum and I'm sure you all be of a great help.
    I must say first, I'm from Quebec and I speak french. I'll do my best to speak english

    I always wanted an exotic car (in my dreams) and when I learned about Kitcar I was so enjoyed that I bought a Fiero the next day
    It was in average shape and the trany broke up the day after, no more backup and neutral...btw I still can drive it around

    I studied in 3D animation and design and I'va got my first job 4 months ago. Kitcar are still too expensive ~6000$ :S
    Then I started designing the car that I so often dream of.

    I'll need your help and lot of tips and tricks to finish this project. I keep up in mind that mechanics are expensive too then I'll do the major body work before everything else. I hesitate between a future 3800SC or tuning my 2.8 and adding a SC or TC... Anyway its not the point right now.

    Now I need help for moldmaking and/or fiberglassing. I'd like to sculpt the body with foam (I can get great foam at work for a pretty low price) but I dont know where to start....How will my new body panel fit on the Fiero frame?!

    I hope you'll be able to answer some questions otherwise I'm sure I'll lose a lot of time


    P.S. I'll post some scratches and pics of my 3D model soon.

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    Re: First Project Ever

    hi and welcome to the forum! sorry I could not help with your question but I did want to welcome you.

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    Re: First Project Ever

    Welcome. I lived in Québec so french is ok with me. It looks like you need to get the car running ok before going ahead with making a body for the car. Maybe go to a junkyard and find a fiero transaxle, there are many junkyards in the bigger cities so it should not be a problem. You don't sound very picky about the transmission so it should not be very hard. Most kits use metal pieces embedded in the fiberglass panels to mount the body panels to the car since panels rarely reach the actual chassis.

    About sculpting: make a wooden frame for your body and cover it with foam. Carve until the shape is right and everything is smooth. Add something to make the body smooth enough to make molds, most people use Bondo products. Make fiberglass molds of the body (just lay on top, but make sure you get the right releasing compound so that the molds come off and do not stick on). Then make panels inside the molds. The end. By the end, your bank account will go down :P but the fiero is the biggest single investment. Most of the supplies can be bought step by step so there is no need to invest everything at once.
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