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Thread: What happened to TRcrazy?

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    What happened to TRcrazy?

    Hi Dave (Funnywheels), jdinner, mike d., Ari and the whole gang on the forum.
    I wanted to let you guys know I didnít drop off the face of the earth. Iíve been reading the forum from time to time to keep up with everybodyís project. I was ill over the winter and Iíam now getting back into the swing of things. I pulled the cover off the TR today and fired her up! Then drove out to the street for some pics.* I plan to finish the Neon windshield install then go on to the folding top. Iím in the hunt for a pair of 300ZX
    Headlights if anyone has a set, let me know. Iíll update with pics as I make progress thru the summer. The Watson BBQ looked like big fun, hope to make it next year.

    Remember, there is always next year.

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    Re: What happened to TRcrazy?

    welcome back !! the car is looking good. Last I heard, gerard had a set hanging around. not sure if he got rid of them yet or not

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    Re: What happened to TRcrazy?

    Looking good. I'm interested in the windshield install process. Could you post some detailed pics showing the steps involved?
    Even the longest journey begins with the first step.

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    Re: What happened to TRcrazy?

    Welcome Back Vinny.

    We did a group purchase of custom extended windshields that will fit your car if you need one. I have 2 extra. They are on the water going to John Watson's shop in Tennga, Georgia. The anticipated delivery date is mid July, 2004.

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    Re: What happened to TRcrazy?

    let me sell you a taillight panel

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    Re: What happened to TRcrazy?

    Sorry Mike D, I had to laugh when I read your post.. Let Me ;D It would look good on there!

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