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Thread: When/How to pay for a kit that's 2000 miles away.

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    When/How to pay for a kit that's 2000 miles away.

    What would be the best(lowest risk) way to complete the $money$ transaction on a kit that's being shipped across the States? Is it possible to set-up a C.O.D. where you can physically inspect the shipment before handing the check to the trucking company?

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    Re: When/How to pay for a kit that's 2000 miles aw

    I would say credit card...most credit cards will warrenty purchases
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    Re: When/How to pay for a kit that's 2000 miles aw

    Depending on how much... Most credit card companies will only cover a small percentage of purchases or up to a certain dollar amount.

    What I would do is to place a deposit (perhaps up to half) on your credit card and have the shipper provide you with VARIFIABLE transit numbers and contact numbers. When the kit is shipped and you have confirmation of that, send the remainder of the money via Wire Transfer.

    This way, everything in documented and the funds and kit "Cross" in transit.

    I made the mistake of purchasing a kit and trusting the seller... No blindly though. He went as far as having the shipping company pick up an EMPTY CRATE!!! Even though I followed the exact method I just described above, you can STILL get ripped off. Problem is, I paid via Cashier's Check and that is non-recoverable. Wire transfer,however, is.

    MOST legitimate people are just as scared of getting no money after they ship the car. The risk goes both ways. They prefer to get paid up front.

    The very BEST way is to use a middle man you can trust called "an Escrow agent" (I'll be willing to handle it for you if you need someone trustworthy) of some kind. This third party holds your money in trust. Notifies the seller that he has received 100% of the funds and that they will be released (minus around 10% for services) when the kit arrives. If the kit never arrives, the buyer gets his money back (minus a much smaller fee of 2%).

    Money isn't ransferred unless the kit arrives and the kit doesn't ship until the money arrives... Nobody looses.

    Good Luck!

    DKOV -

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