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Thread: Countach kit cars

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    Countach kit cars

    Hello im 16 and about to get my licsense. I first started looking at cars a year or so ago and I saw a fiero and thought it was awesome. I didn't realize there were replica kits for it until a few months ago, and now I want a fiero more than ever. I hope in a couple years that I will have saved enough for a countach replica kit. I love the Mirage K kit from, and seeing as how the price is the cheapest I've found for a kit, and looks easier to install than most others (thank god for that video), I'm hoping to be able to buy one from them. My question is does anybody know if euroworks is a good source for kits? They seem to be dedicated to helping you build a kit car. Are they an honest store, or are there other stores I should buy from for about the same price? Feel free to email me.

    Thanks, Eric

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    Re: Countach kit cars

    Nope .. there the best in the area .. but dont be fooled its no easy task and it takes quite a bit of money. Doesnt hurt to dream thou. Another cheaper/easier alternative is the Artero from .. its more of a bolt on replacement.
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    Re: Countach kit cars

    Thanks I actually like the look of the artero a little better, and I like the bolt on feature. Do you know the cost of the kit? I can't find it on the page. Btw if you know any other good sites that have similar kits for cheap ("cheap" compared to other kits), let me know , I don't mind if the kit is an exact replica, I just like the general look of the body. Thanks, Eric

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    Re: Countach kit cars

    Well welcome to the Site!

    Anywho ive been in your shoes before looking for a kit for a fiero. Are you just looking for a countach kit? because there are quiet a bit of F-355 kits available, also derwin showed you, there are a lot of cheap, rebodie kits for the fieros. I'll be checking around to see what i can find.

    BTW, where about are you located?

    Marcello Trubiani

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    Re: Countach kit cars

    Check out my links page for "all" the kit car links :

    Another suggestion for beginner is the
    and the Fino kit. Another bolt on kit ..both Fino and Artero
    are about the same as Mirage K .. you're talking 5-9K with
    probably atleast another 5K to finish (tires/paint/rims/bodywork)..

    Another plus with either of these is the limited amount of interior work that has to be done compared to the Countach/Diablo kits. or
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    Re: Countach kit cars

    Well, I found some pics of the Artero on another site and I didn't like the body as much as I thought I did. Mostly what I like are countach-type kits. I've always loved countachs but i never knew i could own a car that looks like one . Btw, I live in WA, about 20 mins from Seattle.

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    Re: Countach kit cars

    FYI, the Artero is $3995 for the kit (not including lights), $395 for the optional wing, and $495 for the "grill kit"... not sure what this last one is, but I'd bet any type of grill could be fabricated for less than that... Crating and shipping is in the neighborhood of $695.

    And no, I'm not affiliated with Pisa, I'm just planning to buy one in about a month or so...


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    Re: Countach kit cars

    Artero for sale on ebay right now ..

    Looks pretty nice to me :-)
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    Re: Countach kit cars

    Looks good to me too.

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    Re: Countach kit cars

    You need to take into consideration your insurance as well. Personally, I think the best thing for you to do is to open up a bank account and start saving. Just keep putting money into the account and let it collect interest. When you turn 20, see how much you have and then start saving again. I don't know if your insurance rate drops when you turn 25 like it does here in Texas but that is important. I don't know if any insurance companies will insure a 16 year old with a Lamborghini replica. You are insured as a low value Lamborghini, not a Fiero. My insurance card says 1986 Lamborghini Countach on it, not 1986 Pontiac Fiero. Of course the Lambo is only insured at a $35,000.00 value and not $100,000.00, so that is where the difference lies.
    Also, are you a mechanic? You need to be able to work on these cars and their motors, otherwise you will speng a bit extra for a mechanic to work on these (compaired to a normal car). They are not as "mechanic friendly" as a Pontiac Fiero would be. Oil changes, etc...
    I would just hate to see you get your hopes up and grow impatient about owning a Countach and become very disappointed once you find out all the details owning one.
    Good Luck with your outcome. I hope you get what you want out of life but just be smart about it and be sure it's something you can afford and maintain. Sometimes the best thing to do is to be patient.

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