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Thread: CFOG-I seeks rebody members and Division Director

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    CFOG-I seeks rebody members and Division Director

    CFOG-International has always intended to promote the Fiero-based rebody builders & owners with a branch of membership dedicated to them. We just haven’t done anything with it yet. The idea for the division is the same as for our Performance Division – to give you a central organization for the purpose of unity. I wish the club’s new website,, were fully active, so you could make some comparisons, but the rest of it should be available soon.

    There are no local Fiero-based kit car clubs, but you do have this forum, and of course there’s Kit Car Magazine. What we would like to do is give you a platform to be represented with one collective voice. When people read one of your articles, for example, they will see there is more to it than scattered individuals, but rather an organization. Someone who isn’t aware of Ari’s forum will find a place to give them some direction (just as CFOG-I is not in conflict with Pennock’s Fiero Forum, the two compliment each other). We could build a contact list and an events list. And we would give your creations the same respect as any other Fieros, perhaps more, because of your ingenuity and individuality.

    Besides inviting rebody enthusiasts to join us, we seek a leader for this division. There is no outline for its function or objectives, so it will be what you make of it. Just as George Ryan is given the reigns to lead the Performance Division as he pleases, the director of the Kit Car Division (it may be renamed if desired) will be encouraged to find its full potential and go for it. The director will have the same Board member privileges as the Regional Directors, such as being included in all discussions and voting on CFOG-I issues. The other directors will always be available for assistance. And you may appoint deputy directors if you feel the need. If you’re considering it but unsure, feel free to ask George Ryan (“cadero2dmax” on PFF) how the Performance Division works, or contact any Regional Director with questions. Again, I’m sorry the Personnel page of the website isn’t up yet, but send me an email if you’re interested.

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    Re: CFOG-I seeks rebody members and Division Direc

    It seems like a cool site....wish it worked :-[
    I might even be interested in joining. Any members in the Oxnard/Malibu/Ojai/Ventura area? Would be cool to have a chapter up here. Send or post more info please!
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    Re: CFOG-I seeks rebody members and Division Direc

    I was not aware of the NKCC when I came here and started this topic. That changes things. I do not wish to create any competition for them, even though they are not just for Fiero-based car owners.

    I haven't been back here lately because I'm not a kit owner or builder. I'm president of an international club which wants to support those who are. My first post asked for anyone interested in directing our specialty division for Fiero rebodies to contact me by email. None have done so. Because of that, and due to learning of the existance of NKCC (, I am open to considering whatever ways you can imagine that my club can support the Fiero-based rebody community.

    It may be that we should simply encourage membership in the NKCC and participation in this forum. Maybe we just need someone to act as a liaison between my club and the Fiero rebody enthusiasts... someone to communicate news, events and contact information back & forth between the two groups. That way, all of you won't be asked to join & pay dues to yet another club, only your representative would have to join CFOG-I.

    Perhaps I should ask if anyone here has had any negative experience with NKCC. Are they supportive of Fiero owners? Just how big and how active are they, anyway? Is there another such club besides them which I don't know about?

    I invite anyone interested in helping us find the most meaningful ways of supporting you, to contact me at

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