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    Question for Spyder

    Spyder, I have a question for you regarding the windshield/top of the origional Fiero. To the best of my knowledge, there is no such thing as a convertible Fiero (forgive me if I'm mistaken). What I'm wondering is, how did you terminate the top of the windshield where it once met the top of the car previously? I mean, you can only cut it so straight. The photos I've seen of your car make it look very professionally done, even perhaps like it was factory that way. What materials/procedures did you go through in order to make it look like it was supposed to? I hope I'm making sense here with what I'm asking. Where did you get the rubber seals for the door jams, the A-pillars, and the rear facing portion of the windshield frame? Much appreciate your response, as always.

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    Re: Question for Spyder

    First off it is amazing what bondo and fiberglass can do! (Can I get an Amen!)
    The roof is usually cut back further first and then cut closer and more accurate later.
    In my case, the header mounts are installed off a Sunbird. *Then back filled with bondo and *smoothed. *In between the headers can be filled with bondo and/or *fiberglass.
    The seals are stock Fiero. You can pull them down out of the way before cutting.
    Other pics:;start=4
    Sorry about the slow response, I was in Orlando for a couple of days.

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