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Thread: Short Wheel Base Countach

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    Short Wheel Base Countach

    I am thinking of building a non-stretch countach. My choices are the Euro-Works Mirage K and the the D & R Deceptor 25th Anniversary kit. How do they compare. I really don't know anything about the D & R kit. I have heard there Diablo kits are great, but nothing about this one.
    Rick Lord<br /><br />

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    Re: Short Wheel Base Countach

    Here are a few pics of the D&R Deceptor I built several years ago. They have made some changes since then to make it more authentic and easier to build. At the time, the Exotic Illusions body was more authentic, but I've never compared a EuroWorks 25th.

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    Re: Short Wheel Base Countach

    That is a great looking car. How was the build? How did the parts fit.
    I've never really cared much for authenticity. I like the style of the car.
    Any info you can give is greatly appreciated.
    Rick Lord<br /><br />

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