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Thread: Fiberglassing my own kit

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    Fiberglassing my own kit

    I would like to make my own Kit preferably a Ferrari 355 but i am looking for the factory dimentions. I was wondering if anyone would have the dimentions like for collision repare. I know there are plans for the Countach but i want to build a 355 if i can.

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    Re: Fiberglassing my own kit

    If You keep searching, you should be able to find a 3D model download for your computer on the net.This can be a fun undertaking, but don't forget that building from scratch can also be very expensive.
    Keith Schmitt / DRM Motorsports

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    Re: Fiberglassing my own kit

    I agree the expenses could run $500 (U.S.) easy when you can buy a uninstalled body for $2500.Try here for unfinished projects:
    purchases by C.O.D. for safety.
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    Re: Fiberglassing my own kit

    I have found that the cost of producing a one off body is usualy around $7-8 000. and hundreds and hundreds of hours to get things straight and even.I definatly agree that purchasing an unfinished kit would be your easiest and most cost effective option.
    Keith Schmitt / DRM Motorsports

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