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    Resource Help

    ok im getting closer and closer to it and im getting a little curious,

    I know what are some standard and extra tools you would need for a Kit Car project, now heres my next question. What would be a suitable enviornment to perform it? like of course a shop is the best thing, but i dont own one (yet ) so i guess any garage but mine is a little too small i think, like it can barely fit a 2 door 88' jimmy, so im guessing thats kinda out of the question. Can any one gimme any ideas?


    Marcello Trubiani

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    Re: Resource Help

    As a business money where you it in your garage. If you factor in tools and rental space (ie: alternate garage to build car) you might as well get a professional to build it for will probably be cheaper. 10x20 storage unit is approx $300/month...lets be reasonable about a first time builder (???are you???)...$300x24 months =$ still have to buy tools and supplies!!!

    Just my 2 cents ;D

    Hope it doesn't sound offensive...not my intentions
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    Re: Resource Help

    yes i am a first time builder, and yea i guess that does make alot of sence thx

    Marcello Trubiani

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    Re: Resource Help

    I've seen great things come out of small shops. *I agree with lambo, use what you got. *As long as you have a place to store your stuff you can work outside. *I have a nice size shop and I still like to work outside sometimes. *

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    Re: Resource Help

    A small home garage is great as long as you are not too cramped, to the point that you get frustrated and give up on your dream.We have a large shop and still find it tight for space some times.

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    Re: Resource Help

    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re: Resource Help

    For the past year, I have been building my AD355 kit in a small garage. When the car is in the garage, I cannot open the doors. Most of the time, this is not an issue. Sure, I would like to have a bigger working space.

    Tools needed:
    - Tool set (box wrenches, screw driver)(PS, I have been using a $20 harbor freight set with no problem)
    - Saws-all and lots of blades
    - Jig saw
    - Sanding block
    - Dremel (I am on my four one for this build)
    - Jack stands
    - Hand drill (with lots of bits)
    - First aid kit

    Tools I am really glad to have:
    - Drill press
    - Air Compressor
    - 3" cut off wheel
    - 5" grind wheel
    - blow off gun
    - DA sander

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