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Thread: Brazilian Porsche 911 Replicas

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    Brazilian Porsche 911 Replicas

    Although these are not Fiero-based, I thought I'd share some information with you guys about one of Brazil's most popular replicas...

    Most of you may know that replicas of Porsche 550 Spyder, 356, 914 and 356 Super 90 are quite popular in Brazil, but these 911 replicas are truly unique.

    These cars were produced in mid-80s in VW Beetle frames, with VW 4-cyl air-cooled engines. But as time went by, kit manufacturers evolved, and started building those cars with their own tube chassis, and new VW water-cooled engines (with in-line 1.8 or 2.0 4-cyl engines, many times with turbos)

    The funny thing is that, Brazil started producing water-cooled Porsche 911s before the original water-cooled 911s came out!

    Today we see a lot of these cars around in Brazil, and they are so well-built that you can't notice any difference between replicas and real ones, except for maybe the wheels and of course, if you see the engine.

    The body is made in fiberglass, and so is the interior. The glasses and rear lights are original, as well as the emblems.

    Companies sell mostly turnkeys, but they also sell some kits for building either on their tube-chassis or VW Beetle chassis. Turnkeys go for around R$ 25.000 (which is about $ 7.000) and kits are from R$ 5.000 ($ 1.500) to R$ 8.000 ($ 2.250) depending on the model, 911 C1, 911 C2, 911 Turbo look or 993.

    I'm not a manufacturer or seller, anything like that, in fact, I don't even live in Brazil anymore, just thought I'd share some information with you guys. if you'd like to know more of these replicas, such as their history, things like that, just ask. These replicas look preety good, don't they?

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    Re: Brazilian Porsche 911 Replicas

    These Porsche Kits are Great, and not much expensive
    How can I contact these companies?? Could you please post the website address? Thanks

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    Re: Brazilian Porsche 911 Replicas

    Please send the website of this company or any other contact information.Thes porsche replicas look GREAT!!

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    Re: Brazilian Porsche 911 Replicas

    Try this:

    C2, 993, turbo wide body rebody kits for 1970-1990's 911 are sold by many companys here in the states

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    Re: Brazilian Porsche 911 Replicas

    I'm looking for Porsche 911 replica that is made with a VW donor..Is there something?

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    Re: Brazilian Porsche 911 Replicas


    Yes, the most known company for 911 replicas are the Kremer Design,
    There are many other, but they don't have a website...
    There used to be one in, but either they took it out of air or it's not working right now.

    There's also some used replicas and kits for sale in

    Yes, they do have kits for the beetle frame, those are actually the most common. You can use google to translate the webpages from portuguese to english.

    If you're looking for Porsche 356 Speedster, 356 Super 90 or 550 Spyder, is the one.
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    Re: Brazilian Porsche 911 Replicas

    If anyone has problems with the translation, ask me... Im Portuguese ;D

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    Re: Brazilian Porsche 911 Replicas

    Hello All..
    I visited the Kramer site, but could not find any references to prices. I do have a couple of questions:
    1) Has anybody imported a turnkey car from Brazil into the US?
    2) are those tube chassis legal in the US?
    3) could sombody, who speaks portuguese, Please email Kramer to get a pricelist? Or are the prices listed in the original post direct from Kramer?


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    Re: Brazilian Porsche 911 Replicas

    Hi skater,

    I lived in Brazil and I have a brazilian Kit Car site, soon to have an english version.
    About importing turnkeys, I know that the Chuck Beck 550 Spyder replicas are built by Chamonix, a brazilian company near Sao Paulo, and then exported to the US. In the early 80s there was also the brazilian Puma (a sports car with fiberglass body, built in the beetle frame) that was exported to the US. You might wanna contact Chuck Beck to get info about importing turnkeys.

    I have no idea if those tube chassis are legal in the US, they should be because in the US there are many kit cars and street rods built in tube frames, and if you buy a brazilian turnkey that is already documented in Brazil, it should be like importing a 'normal' car... I'm not sure, just a thought.

    I remember this silver replica:

    Was for sale at Kremer for R$ 25.000, it had a VW 1.8 water-cooled engine with a turbo, power steering, power windows, cd player and leather interior.

    The red one:

    Was for R$ 19.000, no other info.
    The prices on the post are direct from Kremer, but I'm gonna contact them for prices on specific models for kits and turnkeys and to see if they have any experience exporting turnkeys :
    When this baby hits 88 mph, we're gonna see some serious sht!

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    Re: Brazilian Porsche 911 Replicas

    Hi there! I live in Greece and i'm interested in the 993 Kit because i can find the VW beetle realy cheap!Do this kits have interiors too?

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