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Thread: Ontario racing parts prohibition

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    Ontario racing parts prohibition

    Found this off another message board bad for us Performance
    Enthusiasts in Ontario Canada >

    Not good news for anyone who puts performance parts on thier cars

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    Re: Ontario racing parts prohibition

    The Race commies are tring to take over Canada!!!!

    Sorry you ended up with 'em when we kicked 'em out of California!!

    87 3.1Turbo GT Spyder

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    Re: Ontario racing parts prohibition

    Good to see this is starting to hit the public, so we can start to fight this type of Comunist actions of out government officials.I will definatley be passing this info around to all performance shops I know of, and any clubs this bill may affect.
    Keith S./ DRM Motorsports

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    Re: Ontario racing parts prohibition here's Bill 241

    Online Section 172.2 Petition

    Here a list I found of MPP I found e-mail Your MPP and pass the around. (Make sure you inform people to be mature about e-mail them its bad enough that street racers a giving us a Performance Enthusiasts a bad name

    To all Board members who live in Ontario the law is so vague, it could include airfilters, Aftermarket turbo's/supercharger,tires and rims Exhausts.....

    172.2 (1) No person shall drive or permit to be driven on a highway a motor vehicle with a prescribed part, containing a prescribed substance or equipped with prescribed equipment in prescribed circumstances.

    (2) A police officer exercising his or her powers under section 82 may take or cause to be taken a sample of any substance from a motor vehicle to determine whether or not the motor vehicle contains a prescribed substance.......

    So Read it first or check out the Supraforum link on the first post.

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