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Thread: A new body, possibly! Kelmark GT

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    A new body, possibly! Kelmark GT

    Hey guys!

    I found a cool little body....for a car called a Kelmark GT. It was a VW Based 246 Dino kit....Get this....I was taking a look at it....and I think with a bit of reworking, it might go onto a Fiero chassis.

    Wheel base is 93 inches...and it might require som mods to windshield, and front end (cut down to match body lines. Not sure of width yet...working on it...Also...IT IS STILL BEING MANUFACTURED!!!!! The complete fiberglass is $4900....(from Kaylor...a slightly different version of the same car) Still working the details...BUT... A Dino Spyder would be awesome...No?

    I'll post more in here, as I find it out...waiting for answers to a bunch of questions....

    Anybody know anything about Kelmarks? Also...I need the heights, front and rear of the Fiero, when the body is stripped off. Also, the width.
    Also...what is the width of a Kelmark? (Front and rear) Might be able to stuff some meats under there! ( I am addicted to huge tires. Its better than those *^&$#) buzzy honda exhausts!)
    This could turn into a really interesting, and not too difficult project.

    I was postulating, since I believe the Fiero is a 99 inch W/B car...if the body was cut at the rocker...and strecthed there...then the door skins would probably work...and would not be too noticable. I am considering this for a Spyder my car is already chopped down. many people have seen a Dino? Lol. They aren't exactly common...and...They are powered relatively close to the Fiero Gt!

    I'll post pics, as I track down good ones!

    Tell me what you guys think, and post feedback!

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    Re: A new body, possibly! Kelmark GT

    1969 Ferrari Dino 246 GT
    bodywork: Aluminum
    Type 2S FHC (7)
    Designer Pininfarina
    Number of doors 2
    dimensions & weights
    Wheelbase 2344 mm 92.3 in (The only Problem I foresee)
    Track front 1372 mm 54 in (???Fiero???)
    rear 1346 mm 53 in (Fiero???)
    Length 4234 mm 166.7 in
    Width 1707 mm 67.2 in (Fiero??)
    Height 1143 mm 45 in (CLOSE!!)
    Ground clearance 120 mm 4.7 in (HAH!! GOT IT BEAT! 4IN)
    Kerb weight 1080 kg 2381 lb (Comparable!!)
    Weight distribution
    Fuel capacity
    litres 14.3
    UK Gal 17.2
    US Gal
    Drag coefficient
    Frontal Area
    Cx N/A (Sorry Guys!)
    Manufacturer Ferrari
    in 65 vee
    12 valves total
    2 valves per cylinder
    Bore stroke 92.50mm 60.00mm
    3.64 in 2.36 in
    Bore/Stroke ratio 1.54
    Displacement 2419 cc
    (147.616 cu in)
    Unitary capacity 403.17 cc/cylinder
    Max. output
    (DIN) 195.0 bhp (145.4 kW)...(Compare that to a Stock 2.8!!!)
    @7600 rpm
    Max. torque
    (DIN) 225.0 nm (166 lbft) (22.9 kgm)
    @5500 rpm
    Maximum rpm
    Construction cast iron block; alloy heads
    Coolant Water/Glycol
    Main bearings 4
    Compression ratio 9.00:1
    Fuel system 3 We 40 DCF carbs
    Aspiration Normal
    Compressor type N/A
    Intercooler None
    Max. rpm
    Specific output 80.6 bhp/litre
    1.32 bhp/cu in
    Specific torque 93.01 nm/litre
    Note: A value of -1 means that
    the car cannot attain that speed.
    0-50mph (80 km/h)
    0-60mph 7.10s
    in top
    0-Quarter-mile 15.40s
    Top speed 235 km/h
    Fuel Consumption
    CO2 Emissions 1969 Standard EPA
    Power-to-weight 180.56 bhp/ton
    chassis :Tubular Steel
    Engine location: Mid
    Engine alignment: Transverse
    Steering: rack & pinion
    lock-to-lock 3.200
    Turning circle 13.20 m
    Suspension Front I.DW.CS.
    Rear I.DW.CS.
    Wheels F/R / 14X7 Cromadora Forged Alloy
    Tyres F 205/70 VR 14
    Tyres R 205/70 VR 14
    Brakes F/R Di/Di-S
    Brake ∅ F/R 270/254 mm
    Braked area
    Transmission 5M
    Drive RWD
    Top gear ratio 0.86
    Final drive ratio 3.62

    All the stuff I found on the real thing!!! Lol Will track down tech data on Fiero & post!

    87 3.1Turbo GT Spyder

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    Re: A new body, possibly! Kelmark GT

    I am Truly a god of Research!

    Check this out!!! GOOD NEWS!!!!

    FIERO SPECS:Wheelbase 93.4 in.
    Overall Width 68.9 in.
    Overall Height 46.9 in.
    F R H Front Tread 57.8 in.(84-7), 59.3 (88coupe), 59.7(88GT)
    F 9 H Rear Tread 58.7 in.(84-7), 59.4 (88coupe), 60.1 (88GT)
    1987 Fiero GT 165.2 in.
    1988 Coupe - 4 cyl. 163.1 in.

    1988 Formula -V6 163.1 in.


    Length is GOOD
    Wheel Base is VERY Close (about an inch off)
    Fiero Slightly wider in front/rear track (3 inches and change)

    The comparison is done Stock Fiero to Stock Dino. Still unsure of Kaylor and Kelmark bodies. Very possible they are similar to stock Fiero measurements.

    Sooooooo what do you guys think???

    And sorry about the miscalculation on my original estimate of the Fiero Wheelbase. I know...I should be drawn and quartered, and fed to rabid ducks. Lol
    87 3.1Turbo GT Spyder

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    Re: A new body, possibly! Kelmark GT

    Dear Steven,

    Yes, we still make the Dino body.

    I will measure up a Dino in the next few days. The wheelbase is about


    Roy Kaylor

    Guys, got this answer this morning...thought I would post!
    87 3.1Turbo GT Spyder

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    Re: A new body, possibly! Kelmark GT

    Another good thing....
    I found a COMPLETE Kelmark kit, for sale for $2000.00. It includes Glass, doors, hinges, and trim. (Better than ALOT of other incomplete kits out there!)

    And what?? Nobody likes the Dino?

    Hmmmph. Lol!

    87 3.1Turbo GT Spyder

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    Re: A new body, possibly! Kelmark GT

    The Kelmark GT is a nice kit seen a few for sale before. If you think the kit will fit on the Fiero then go for it, the interior is alot nicer the some of those VW based kits.

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    Re: A new body, possibly! Kelmark GT

    HI the Kelmark car had a 95" W.B. same as VW was built for there platform. there was a kit made for the Fiero back about 1984 seen one it was based on the magnum body which was a up grade of the Kelmark. I'll get name of replica seen one at kitcar show in Ohio I think . picture of my Magnum. 95 " W.B. Gene

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    Re: A new body, possibly! Kelmark GT

    Awesome Car Gene!!!!

    The one I am really considering is made by Kaylor, in Alameda Ca., as the wheelbase is much more similar. (although a 2 inch chop would not be hard) since I visualize using the Fieros windshield and w/s frame, as opposed to the kits molded one.

    I was trying to research the Magnum as well. Not too much luck with that Not manty websites and such on that car. A bunch on the Kelmark though!

    Been pouring over stuff, try to figure out if this is feasible. I have always loved the 246 (uncle had one).

    I was thinking, with a 308 or 355 style interior, and the Fieros creature amenities, it would be a cool mix of old and new. (like some of the current "resto-mods" that are gaining popularity with the muscle car crowd)

    Would love to hear more about that car of yours, and would it be possible to take some measurements for me?

    Thanks for the info on the Kelmark! Good thing I haven't bought that body yet! Lol. I am looking for the simplest (and least time/money consuming way to create this car (if possible)

    Please, post any more info you get!!!! The help is very much appreciated!!!

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    Re: A new body, possibly! Kelmark GT

    The Kit was called the Roma here is a artical taken from march 92 kitcar mag.

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    Re: A new body, possibly! Kelmark GT


    Exactly what I am looking for! Wish they were still in business

    The pic gave me an idea of what the Fiero windshield fram will look like with the body though...Not too bad!

    Thanx! Any one have any info on this car? Any pics of completed ones? Including the Kelmarks/Magnums, and Kaylors?

    87 3.1Turbo GT Spyder

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