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Thread: Semi-kit car Fiero idea/questions

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    Semi-kit car Fiero idea/questions

    Well i've got a spare 85...and i don't like that plane nose look. I'm VERY interested in KitCars and i was wondering...

    Fast back Fiero...ok? Now get this idea...!

    ~Ferrari Front nose
    ~355 rear clip + lights + fascia
    ~Aus's Intergrated size scoops

    Whadd'ya think? do you think...if you think it would be cool on!

    a) it's possible without lowering the roof
    b) it will look nice?
    c) estamated pricing on that

    I know that theres like a few places where I can get the Front bumpers...but I don't know any of 1st off if anyone can give me contacts for Ferrari Front Fascia makers it would be AWESOME you think anyone would sell me just the rear clip of a non-strech fiero w/ rear fascia...i'm sure i can get that for a few hundred you think that it would look "odd" because the roof of the fiero is soo high compared to the Ferrari roof? Or are the normal kits (non stretch) the same roof height as a regular fiero.

    I asked here because there are SOO many people that are knowladgeable and as many of you know i'm still a 'regular' fiero lover and this idea is to make a regular fiero look like a ferrari without acctually buying a kit. I've just got to do something cool with my other fiero...I know that there has been a fast back fiero made with ferrari front bumper and rear lights...but i want the entire rear clip and rear bumper to give it that extra Ferrari look

    Any ideas? Contacts to ppl that can help? suggestions?

    Thanks a lot guys
    Steven Rossi<br />~Kit Car Wanted~

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    Re: Semi-kit car Fiero idea/questions

    PISA Corp makes a 355 nose...I have one sitting in my garage, with lights.

    They also make a Diablo type front clip.

    I tried getting this one going before in here, no one really wanted to bite.

    I was thinking of a 355/GTO mix.

    A 355 nose, GTO sides(especially the flared fenders) (with 355 side scoops) a GTO rear clip, with 355 tail. In a spyder form, non stretch.

    Yours sounds interesting as well. I was thinking of something well built that wouldn't get our butts sued off the second we build one.

    Another car that never existed, that would be pretty interesting, would be a Koenig 512BBi/GTO Cross, also as a spyder. Big Stretch, the 512 is comparable in size to Testarossa.
    87 3.1Turbo GT Spyder

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