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Thread: NICE Ferrari replicas!

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    NICE Ferrari replicas!

    A Prancing Horse will ALWAYS back away from a RAGING BULL

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    Re: NICE Ferrari replicas!

    Yes. NICE Ferrari replicas! I've got 5 or 10 G's to spend. Is this a good kit? I've read through most of the material here. You guys know Fiero's & 355 Kits. Lots of info on other kits. Not much on fancycars. With pen in hand, check in other, I await any & all comments.

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    Re: NICE Ferrari replicas!

    I talked with the owner, several times.I must of asked every question i could think of, let just say there were several hour long phome bills.I almost bought a 512TR kit from him, but due to my job, and haveing a hugh cut back in the overtime i was getting paid, all of my kitcar money went away.He sent me several pictures of his kits, there now on his website.As far as the 355 i would buy a kit and turn it into a 348, i like the front bumper better as well as the side strakes.If i were you, i would go and vist him and view his cars in person. The 355 pictures on his website, are of other peoples cars, he has them there to have a idea of what a completed kit would look like. If you have any questions, ask.

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    Re: NICE Ferrari replicas!

    I know that two or three of their first 355 kits were ifg clones from FL.
    Looks like they have some other sources now.
    That's all I know of them...

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