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Thread: custom headlights

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    custom headlights

    I've seen suggestions on other posts to use lights from
    and have taken that advice... I've posted some photos of the installation on my 355 I realize that a
    proper 355 uses popup headlights, but I wanted to update the look and quite honestly got tired of dealing
    with my tempermental headlight motors.

    Let me know if you have any questions... I used the 90mm modules.

    The photos show the "work in process".
    The base of the aluminum buckets will be built up with foam, a mold taken, then fiberglass
    inserts made to give a similar look to the F360 headlights... covered with lexan or plexiglass.

    More to follow in the near future... and yes, parts will be available if there is enough interest.


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    Re: custom headlights

    interesting idea....

    My only personal concern would be to trying so hard to look original, then do something blatently off, attracting attention, opening a can of mental worms for curious souls.

    I must say I do like the modernization of the look but sheesh, I just think I gotta go Saturn on this one only because anything I can do, I must do, to connect with Enzo on my particular build.

    I mean for example...I just bought a set of F355 rims at $600 over what I could have gotten F360 ones for.

    I say again, I love the look so far. Please post finished pics when ready, you may chnge my mind, after all, what is it a day to swap back and forth? Any bodywork needed? Aaaaa.... quick relase plugs and slide and snap mounting.....Just a thought

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    Re: custom headlights

    Dave: I really like your job. Yes, it is different but you're building your own car you can be as different as you'd like. Keep it up.

    Just smart enough to be very Dangerous

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    Re: custom headlights

    Very cool Dave. Looks great. They look similar to what Sandy did with his Koenig Competition.

    I think MikeD was going to do something similar for his Hamann 512.
    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Re: custom headlights

    Dave, I have those Hella 90mm lights.... You'll love them! At least they provide you with some actual light, not like so many aftermarket junk!
    nice job....

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    Re: custom headlights

    It has been quite some time... but I've completed the headlight buckets for
    my Hella lights in my 355 replica... I've also used the same 90mm lights in my
    Jalapeno build. These lights may be found at

    I've added some photos to the first batch.

    let me know what you think - should I go with the plexiglass covers on the
    355 ? I don't miss the tempermental Fiero popups... I will have to do some
    bodywork around the new headlights... much to do.


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    Re: custom headlights

    What do you think about painting the buckets yellow too? Clear plexiglass or yellow plexiglass?
    Personally I do not like the look of it the way it is opinion only, don't take it personally Dave . Perhaps if it was more stylized like the new celicas or something to that effect.
    I see your grill opening has the same problem mine did, left lower curve is different than the right, I filled mine with bondo just before paint last year.

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