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Thread: XJ220 Replica

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    XJ220 Replica

    Just thought some of you might be interested in this... there was discussion regarding this kit a while back:

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    Re: XJ220 Replica

    thats one of my all time dream cars.i seen that last nite ,anybody know anything about it ,its a long way from the states

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    Re: XJ220 Replica

    I like them too great car. Looks like it is on a custom built chassis.

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    Re: XJ220 Replica

    the photo of that kit is at least 2 years old. it was taken in south africa according to the info that i read 2 years ago...
    there are no emblems or badges available due to legalities, and i have never seen a completed car ???
    england vs south africa is a big distance, but then again the Noble bodies are made there and imported to the UK so it might be a similar deal.
    it seems fishy when somone pops up out of nowhere offering turnkeys in X amount of time for X amount of money, so be careful since most turn out to be frauds.. :-\
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    Re: XJ220 Replica

    Ive contacted the guy to get some more info, and when he gets back to me Im going to try to see if I can visit him and see the kit in person. So i'll let you know what I find out!

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    Re: XJ220 Replica

    I was going to say the picture is clearley not taken in the UK so looks like its still in South Africa or the guy bought the project.<br />Toyota MR2 Turbo with BAD kit and Real Ferrari F355 wheels.

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    Re: XJ220 Replica

    The kit is from a company in Arundel, Australia. Copycat Cars. Denis Bedford is the creator of this particular car, as well as a gorgeous replica of the Jaguar XJ13.

    The XJ220 for sale* Price:AUS$35,000 includes the production mould that produced the fibre glass body panels.
    Not by anyone in the UK. This person from the UK may be trying to get a few depositis in hopes of funding the purchase of this car/kit.

    For more information visit

    Hope this helps.
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