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Thread: Driveablity of Kitcars?

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    Driveablity of Kitcars?

    Ok...let me first say that my experience is limited to only driving my own replicas. A 328 and a non-stretched countach. With that said, I would like to know if ALL kitcars are the same in the roughness of the drive. Let me be a little more clear. I find that whenever I drive my acura legend coupe (which happens to be an amazing riding sports coupe for those of you who remember them) or my third gen rx-7 (no description of ride necessary) and then switch to driving my replicas I always wish that I could accomplish a similar ride smootheness that the major manufacturers are able to accomplish on the assembly lines.

    Is it all in the quality of the fiberglass. My cars tend to be lound and clunky on ocassion. What I mean is if I take them up to like 80-100 mph I really know that the body is fiberglass. The fiero underneath is very mechanically sound. On both for that matter. But neither car is really air tight and noiseless under those conditions. Whats your opinions. And feel free to let me know that my cars may be put together poorly if thats what you think it comes down to. Because I'm here to learn. And very often I see people advertise there cars saying and remember to consider that these are kitcars and not factory built. Like your supposed to expect them do drive poorly or something. Again I'm not saying mine do...they just tend to be loud and clunky on occasion.

    Sorry for the lengthy post but I really had trouble explaining what I mean.
    All your responses will be greatly appreciated.
    I wanna know if there are replicas out there that drive like caddys under semi extreme conditions. If so they will be my benchmark to strive for.


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    Re: Driveablity of Kitcars?

    maybe the sounds you are hearing is because the fiberglass panels aren't attached in as many places or as many times as they should or would like to be?

    I've seen some kits, where the entire quarter was held on by 3 bolts.
    I mean that's not good.

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    Re: Driveablity of Kitcars?

    Kit cars are only as good as the parts you put in it .to get a awsome ride you would have to redo the whole suspention and ajust the ride hight of the car .also like he just said some body kits are not put togeather as far as how many points of body to chassis tie down .if you are hearing noses then maybe you should start to listen and see where the sounds are coming from .You could also go over the car and see if there are any lose panels .strucktures is everything to the noise so hope this helps and good luck on your car .Kit car are awsome if put togeather good .

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    Re: Driveablity of Kitcars?

    I used to own a 84 Vette.

    I doubt there was another production car more "clunky", I doubt any kit would be less "clunky"

    Nature of the beast

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    Re: Driveablity of Kitcars?

    You are comparing apples to oranges I had an RX7 was one of my favorite sports cars ever. You have to remember that under that great new body is a Fiero and it is going to ride like a Fiero.

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    Re: Driveablity of Kitcars?

    also the 85-87 RX7s have a fully electronic suspension setup so they don't roll in turns and provide a great ride quality. fieros have bouncy metal thingys

    i do agree on the comments though, it's a terrible comparison since kits are loosely hung 'skirts' which are mounted essentially by guessing. factory built cars have a body built for the chassis they sit on perfectly, and a factory built chassis is built for a specific body to support it perfectly.
    kit cars and body kits on ricers always flop around since the cars are basically wearing 'fat suits' (the movie-type ones that flop around under any movement) ;D
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