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Thread: Some Questions

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    Some Questions

    hi,im new! ive been following and looking around at the mr2-355 kits and was wondering the following way to get unlimited mileage?
    2.daily driver-if i can get unlimited mileage would it be a good daily driver? much do you think it would cost to get put together by professionals?
    Thanks in advance everyone

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    Re: Some Questions

    before anyone answers, please indicate what country you are in.

    MR2 355s are almost unheard of in the US and no kits are being imported yet
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    Re: Some Questions

    im in the US. why arent there any here in the united states? cant you import one? ???

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    Re: Some Questions

    I believe Powerhouse is importing the Xtreme (and what I think is the best MR2 kit) at the moment. Also, take a look on, they are Xtremes Distributor, and it says that is is instock in the US, so they will have contact details for a supplier!

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    Re: Some Questions

    You can insure your car as an MR2 of course, but then if something happens the claim works just like an MR2 as well..

    You can check companies like Grundy that deals with collector cars. They don't limit mileage because they realize that cars are made to be driven. They do have rules though. No one under 21 can drive the car. It must be near 100%. It must be garaged. And it cannot be a daily driver/grocery getter. You have to say that you only drive it for car events. For me, if I want to go blow up the coast one weekend, that is a car event.

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