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Thread: Design my own kit car and then sell it.

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    Design my own kit car and then sell it.

    Hello, I know that alot of you guys have alot of knowledge of what it takes to build a kit car and of the whole kit car bussiness and im sure you can help. My question is this, what exactly does it take for someone to come up with their own kit car design and then sell it to people. Im not talking about creating molds, modifying the donor car, and all that I'm talking about the legal stuff. Lets say i came out with this kick ass design for a car then made it out of fiberglass and fit it to a fierro(or any other car). Then I advertised it and someone wanted to buy it. What would I have to do by law in order for my kit to be legal and be able to be registered by who ever bought it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    I would like to someday own my own kit car bussiness. no replicas though.

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    Re: Design my own kit car and then sell it.

    kits are kits, you don't need to register anything except the actual cars, which is a whole monster affair by itself. the big issue is money and getting it back. what you are talking about is in the range of $15k investment, and getting it back will be real hard. replicas survive (barely) just because of the obvious desirability factor, but unless you can get 10 people ready to buy a full body kit for literally $3500 each, you are bound to lose money as a business. :'(

    not very encouraging perhaps, but you could be risking big money and some find out the hard way.
    always plan before.
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